Reminder - Anchor All Goals

Holliston Youth Soccer has a policy that all soccer goals be anchored. This applicable to all fields, all sizes and all types of goals. We have made saddle-bag anchors available at all locations.
It is the responsibility of the coach to assure goals are anchored if to be used for practice. If you cannot locate an anchor or equivalent, do not use the goal, and report the issue to the Board of Directors.
It is the responsbility of the referee to declare a field playable, which includes proper equipment. It is not their job to locate and set-up the goals and anchors. It is the coaches job to make sure this is taken care of.
If a parent sees a goal in use without an anchor, we encourage them to object and raise this with the coaches.
A recent event in Arizon has re-raised our awareness of this important requirement. We ask that you read the following notice which came from our referee ranks:
This is an email concerning anchoring of ALL soccer goals at ALL fields, and ALL practice sites.
On September 11, of this year, at a Yuma, AZ elementary school, one boy was killed, another seriously hurt and a teacher treated for shock, when an unanchored soccer goal fell on a Fourth grade student during school20playground play. This is not something anyone wants to ever have happen at their facility. 
The US Consumer Product Safety Commission ("CPSC") has for years provided information about dangers of soccer goals.  FIFA and US Soccer, along with NFHS & MIAA and NISOA mandate that a game cannot start unless the goals are well anchored. Unfortunately that safety check does not always happen by the official, but should always happen by the home field coach.  A good practice would be to have the home coach accompany the official on an inspection of the goals upon his/her arrival on the field.
During practices the coach is responsible for all aspects of practice and the paramount concern should be player safety.  Goals of all sizes are used in youth programs and the size of the goal does not exempt it for the most part, (exemption lightweight goals, i.e., Pugg style goals wold not need to be anchored for example) the need for them to be well anchored from downwar d and sideways forces. The use of the small sided goal for practice, should always only happen with goals well anchored (i.e., weight bags 2 per goal). Many anchor systems are somewhat invisible unless a close inspection occurs, i.e., stakes driven into the ground. Do not assume that because they were anchored the last time, they are still anchored, fields get mowed, goals moved, stakes pulled and not replaced even though the goals are reset.
I have listed various web sites below two for the CPSC and one that details the recent death in AZ.
Please pass this along to your coaches, field mangers and others that have a role in the playing of soccer.
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