CORI Check Process

Holliston Youth Soccer Association, through Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association, uses the State CORI system to provide a safe environment for our kids. HYSA is required to submit new CORIs for all new coaches, assistant coaches, and team managers.

Volunteers should follow the 2 steps below:

1) Send a copy of your driver’s license (just the front is fine) to Registrar Sandra Kantrowitz. It can either be photocopied and mailed to HYSA attn Registrar, PO Box 6003, Holliston MA 01746 or scanned or photographed and emailed to

2) log into the MYSA CORI system: Massachusetts Youth Soccer CORI/KIDSAFE Form, fill out the required information, electronically sign, and click Submit.
* The ‘Name of Organization’ is Holliston Youth Soccer Association.

More information about the CORI regulations is available here: or please contact us with any questions.  Thank you.