Program Overview

The 9th through 12th grade program provides playing opportunities for high school athletes in the spring, if there is enough interest. Teams of typically 15-18 players are formed, with an assigned head coach and 1-2 assistants. The number of teams, size of teams, and variations to program are driven by the number of registered players and coach volunteers.

At this age level, all teams are in a travel program. HYSA participates in the BAYS league:

Each team may have practices during the week if time and availability permit.  This will be up to the coaches and the team members. The games are scheduled per BAYS recommendation and field availability, typically on Sundays.

The 9th through 12th grade travel games have two 40 minute halves and a five-minute intermission. Teams play with an 11v11 playing format (10 field players plus a goalkeeper). A size 5 ball is used. There are unlimited substitutions, made during any goal kick and a team’s throw-ins. Travel referees officiate the games.

The program runs for 7 weeks in the spring only.