HYSA provides referees for intramural games and for travel team games scheduled at home. The referee program is critical to HYSA’s success. The program also provides an opportunity for children to develop as referees.Do you like soccer? Kids who like soccer make the best referees!

For some, it’s their first regular job during the school year. For others, it’s an opportunity to develop leadership skills … taking charge of the game, making quick decisions, instructing younger players on proper techniques and rules.

Learning to referee comes both from formal orientation/training sessions and “learning by doing” with more experienced referees.

If you are a 12 years old or older and want to referee for the upcoming season, you will need to take a certification course. You do this by going to www.massref.net and looking on the left for certification courses under “Become a Referee” and then choosing the course that suits your schedule. There are two grades of referees: Grade 9 is the introductory level, and allows refs in Holliston to officiate intramural games. Kids must be at least 12 to take this class.

The next level is a Grade 8, which allows officiating at all recreational level games, including our travel games. A child must be 16 years old to obtain this license.

Intramurals and Travel Games

Holliston Youth Soccer manages intramural referees and travel referees as seperate groups. There is a coordinator (assignor/mentor) for each group. The available referees are sourced from the Massachusetts State Referee Committee. Preference is given to Holliston referees, but at times the coordinators may need to utilize referees from other towns.

The intramural referee coordinator will introduce referees to U8 (4v4) and U10 (6v6) games through a series of mentored assignments. Once the new referee is comfortable, they will get solo assignments.

To get assignments for travel games, a referee must either be a grade 8 or have two years experience as a grade 9. Exceptions may be made by the travel referee coordinator based on ability. The coordinator would do an assessment in this case. Generally speaking, referees are only assigned games where they are two years older than the players. Travel referees are first introduced as assistant referees (ARs) and are offered center assignments based on ability and level of play. Travel games include different levels of play based on the sections the teams play in.


Please find the travel and intramural referee coordinators on the Board of Directors page.