Travel Team tryouts for Fall 2021/Spring 2022 Season will run May 24-27, 2021 and June 1-4, 2021 (before and after Memorial Day Weekend) at the Marshall Street turf fields. The schedule for tryouts is below.
Players entering 4th grade – 8th grade in the Fall 2021 must be registered by May 23, 2021 in order to attend travel tryouts. Register here:
We strongly encourage players to attend both tryout dates for their age group.  If for any reason your child can’t make both of the tryout dates, you should contact the Registrar and appropriate Travel Coordinator prior to the scheduled tryout date.
Remember that this is for the program that your child will be in starting in the Fall (i.e. if s/he is in 4th grade now, s/he will be in 5th grade in the Fall and should attend the 5th grade tryouts).
Players should arrive at least 10 minutes before the start time to sign in and obtain a numbered pinnie – pinnies will not be shared or re-used.  All players must wear a plain white shirt; please no club or travel uniforms.
Players should bring a soccer ball, water and mask. All MA Youth Soccer COVID Safety Protocols will be followed.
More information about travel team tryouts is available here.
HYSA Travel Team Tryout Schedule For Fall 2021/Spring 2022,
Marshall St turf fields