Spookerfest will not be possible this Fall due to restrictions outdoor gatherings.  

Spookerfest is coming on October xx, 2020!

Spookerfest is a one-day soccer tournament for the HYSA Intramural teams. The event runs regardless of weather conditions, so count on playing the full complement of games and make sure that you and your players are dressed accordingly. As Spookerfest occurs annually around Halloween, we encourage coaches, players and parents to come dressed for the occasion and enjoy the day.

Spookerfest is a “participation” tournament and therefore we don’t utilize a playoff format. Clinic teams will play one game, and Grade 1/2 teams and Grade 3/4 teams will play two games. Games will consist of two 20 minute halves. Every player will receive an award in a presentation ceremony after their last game, so bring your cameras!

Schedules are posted on the links below. Please arrive at the field complex at least 20 minutes before your child’s games and allow extra time for parking. It is important to get the kids to the right field early so they can warm up, have time for the referees to inspect player equipment, and start the games on time. With an event of this size, we need to make sure that we keep on schedule throughout the day.

Spookerfest 2019 schedule


The general Spookerfest format is 7v7 (six players on the field + a goalie) for Grade 3/4 teams and 6v6 (five players on the field + a goalie) for Clinic and Grade 1/2 teams. Note that Clinic and Grade 1/2 teams have the option of playing 4v4 or 5v5 instead if that will be a better experience for the players. Coaches can discuss before each game to agree on the format.

Concessions will be available during the tournament. No food or drinks other than water and sports drinks are allowed on the turf fields, so we ask that you take the food and concessions away from the turf fields and enjoy the picnic area. The concession tent will have drinks, food, candy and snacks.

Parking will be difficult all day. Carpool if you can and please leave the handicapped spots for those in need. Please be careful in the parking lot, and if you have to park on the street proceed with caution. Park ONLY on the eastbound (field side) of Marshall Street. Cars in other locations will be ticketed. We want to be good neighbors, so please be considerate of Marshall Street residents whose homes abut the complex.

Field Rules
As with any game or practice, please continue to observe our rules for Marshall Street.

• Turf Fields – the maintenance and longevity of our turf fields are important to us so please follow the rules of the park, which means NO food, gum, or drinks other than water or sports drinks allowed on the fields. We have created picnic areas for food and teams to enjoy their time off so please utilize those areas, as well as other grass areas, for snacks and eating.

•  No pets are allowed on the complex – as you can imagine with so many children we must be strict about the no pet rule.

• Trash – please make sure that you pick up your trash including plastic water bottles. We would like to minimize the clean-up effort after the tournament. We thank you in advance for your cooperation and courtesy. Coaches – please make sure that your “bench area” is clean before leaving the field after your game is completed.

Thank you all for participating and enjoy a safe and happy Spookerfest. This is a great event for HYSA and one that the players remember for a long time!

For more information, please contact your coach or age group coordinator.